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10 Most Expensive Birds in the World

10 Most Expensive Birds in the World

Birds are amongst the most adorable pets one can have. Not just the beautiful colors, innocence, and amazing sounds they create, some birds are intelligent companions that are famous for their quick learning capabilities and ability to perform amusing responses in certain situations that are not even taught to them. Some species of birds possess […] Read More

“طوطا بخار”پیسٹاکاوسس  (Psittacosis)

“طوطا بخار”پیسٹاکاوسس (Psittacosis)

Psittacosis, also known as “parrot fever” is a bacterial infection which is capable of passing to humans (technically known as a “zoonotic” infection). Despite the alternative name psittacosis is not found solely in parrots; a large number of other bird species are also capable of carrying the disease including pigeons and poultry. پیسٹاکاوسس ، جسے […] Read More