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10 Most Expensive Birds in the World

10 Most Expensive Birds in the World

Birds are amongst the most adorable pets one can have. Not just the beautiful colors, innocence, and amazing sounds they create, some birds are intelligent companions that are famous for their quick learning capabilities and ability to perform amusing responses in certain situations that are not even taught to them. Some species of birds possess all these qualities to the extent that make them higher in value as compared to the other similar looking fellows. Here we are going to enlist the most expensive birds in the world and the reasons why they hold such status in birds markets.

10. Northern Cardinal – $800

Also known as “cardinal grosbeak” This beautiful red bird is 12 cm and in length and weighs about 85 grams. These birds are very loyal to their mates and never break ties until one of them dies. There are sayings that these birds carried messages to ancestors of native residents in North and South America, the homeland of this brilliant and extremely lightweight and charming bird. The cost of the Northern Cardinal is $800.

9. Mountain Bluebird – $850

This small and adorable bird grows up by changing its colors from grey and brown at an early age, the time, they reach their adulthood, males adopt bright blue color and an adult female is of light blue with grey bellies. The height of this bird is 16 – 20 cm and it weighs around 30 grams. Its favorite food is small insects and they pick them with very quick movements. They hover over their prey and catches it in seconds. If captive, they feed on worms, peanuts, and berries. People living near their habitat, attract them by building small and beautiful nest boxes. The estimated cost of this beautiful bluebird is $850.

8. Scarlet Tanager – $900

Yes, $900 is the reward for someone who is tricky enough to catch Scarlet Tanager. These American birds are rarely seen as it forages high in trees to pray insects like bees and wasps, after catching wasps, intelligently rake them against a branch to remove their stingers before eating. They are migrating birds and migrate for breeding. Scarlet Tanager is famous for their stunning singing voice which is quite similar to cardinal.

It is very easy to differentiate male and female versions of this bird as the males are red in color with black wings and tail whereas the female is yellow in color with dark olive wings and tail. Their main habitat is a jungle of Oaks.

7. Flamingo – $1000

The name flamingo emerged from its beautiful pink flame-like appearance. These birds live in different areas of the world like the Caribbean, South America, South Africa, and parts of Asia as they migrate from one place to another for breeding and in search of food. Flamingo are very energetic and are famous for their unique dance which male flamingos perform in their breeding season to attract females, they can fly 35 miles per hour. There most liked feed is Shrimps and special algae and this diet is the reason for their pink color. Flamingo are very good swimmers too. This beautiful bird costs $1000.

6. African Grey Parrot – $1500

African Grey Parrots are the most famous pets all over the world due to their fast language learning skills and high compatibility towards humans. This highly social and intelligent Bird lives 40-60 or sometimes more than 80 years in captivity, otherwise in wild their estimated life expectancy is approx. 23 years.


These parrots are highly intelligent and some of them have shown extraordinary results by solving problems related to 4 – 6-year-olds. They are able to learn more than 100 words, differentiating between objects, colors, materials, and shapes.

It is important to provide them sufficient vitamin supplements as vitamin deficiency can affect their social and cognitive behavior.

Price of African Grey Parrots is estimated to be around $1500.


5. Ayam Cemani – $2500

Next on our list is a pretty rare bird form Indonesia known as the “Lamborghini,” of chickens. They are black in color from head to toe even their meat and bones are black.  Ayam Chickens are very difficult to breed and can cost approximately $2500 they are thought to be a good luck charm and are used in traditional medicines. Their black color is due to excess pigmentation in their tissues due to a genetic condition called fibromatosis. The average weight of rooster is 2-2.5 kgs and Ayam hen weighs from 1.5 – 2 kg. 

4. Toucan – $8000

 Toucans are tropical, rainforest birds and there are almost 40 different species of this bird in the world. They are known for the unique shape of beaks and are able to produce extremely loud sounds. Primarily they are frugivorous (Fruit-eating) but can eat insects, small birds, and small lizards as well to fulfill their protein needs. Toucans mostly live in the lowland tropics and are natives to the Neotropics, from Southern Mexico, through Central America, into South America to northern Argentina. The cost of this colorful bird lies between $8000 – $15000.

3. Hyacinth Macaw – $14000

With blue feathers and yellow cheeks, Hyacinth Macaws are the largest flying parrots in the world with a total length of about 3.3 ft. and weighs approximately 3.5 kg. The beak of this fowl is so strong that it can crack a coconut easily. They are found in South and East America and are considered to be the most threatened species according to IUCN.

Hyacinth Macaws start breeding after reaching the age of 7 years and are considered to be very expensive for keeping at house and feeding. Although they are easy to train but are not as safe as companions due to their extremely powerful beaks.

The price of this beautiful and rare bird falls between $8000 – $14000 and sometimes even higher than it.

2. The Black Palm Cockatoo – $20000

This Beautiful, impressive-looking bird with unique drumming ability is also known as Goliath Cockatoo is native to New Guinea, Aru Islands, and the Cape York Peninsula. Black palm cockatoo is amongst the best speaking cockatoos they are intelligent enough to learn different tricks and are famous for beating drums.

The life span of Goliath Cockatoo is more than 80 years and are very slow breeding parrots on average the lay one egg after two years. The Black Palm Cockatoo is not a good option for apartments as they make loud sounds and require an ample amount of space for exercise and flying. The cost of this Bird ranges from $16000 – $20000.

1. Racing Pigeons – $90,000 – $6 Million

Racing Pigeons are at Number one in the list of most expensive birds in the world. Pigeons keeping dates back to 10,000 years in almost every part of the world. They are the fastest flying birds in the world. They were used to send messages as they can fly very fast and cover long distances in less time. In Modern days Pigeon Racing is famous sports and pigeons are specially trained for races. The price of this special bird ranges from $90,000 to $6 million as displayed for auction in Belgium (2013)

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